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Bed Horsing Bed Horsing

Bed Horsing is bedding for animals premium ensure a healthy environment for horses and is also suitable for cows , pigs and poultry.

Bed Horsing – is becoming an increasingly popular choice of bedding for horses and other farm animals. Bed Horsing ( animal bedding ) is useful for the health of animals , clean , free of seeds and other fungal spores and toxins like ammonia . This helps reduce the possibility of infection , and other effects after surgery. Bed Horsing has a wide range of benefits for animals , owners, and most importantly the environment. Bed Horsing convenient and highly absorbent .

Our animal bedding – it is a pure natural product , manufactured from selected flax . Incessant testing of production processes ensure a consistently high level of quality of our litter .

There are many types of animal bedding available today. When making the decision must take into account the health of your horse or other animal. Because dust and spores found in certain types of animal bedding , as wood chips, some horses may suffer allergies from dust or other problems, such as asthma .

Bed Horsing of flax not only dry, but warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This litter is a premium in Europe.

Buy bedding for animals you can call: 095-47-44-176, 094-927-41-26, 044-362-71-26, or by writing to:  lnozavod.ua@gmail.com . We hope that the price and quality of Bed Horsing you completely satisfied. We will be glad to see you among our customers.

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