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Title buckwheat received because spread it Russian Greek merchants. Buckwheat is also home to South Asia (North India – the birthplace of buckwheat. Buckwheat – a genus of plants of the family Polygonaceae, cereal culture. Manufactured unground buckwheat – whole grains (buckwheat) (other sources say it’s Asia Minor). French buckwheat called le ble sarassin, Italian – grano saraceno («Saracens grain”), in German: Heidekorn (pagan grain). Presumably, the word is derived from “grk” (Greek), ie buckwheat, this “Greek porridge, porridge imported from Greece . “ 

Buckwheat is grown mainly as grouts crops. This is the only culture in the group nezlakovyh grain. Buckwheat dishes tasty, highly nutritious, highly digestible and are recommended for the diet. Average chemical composition of fruits buckwheat%; protein – 13.1, carbohydrates – 67.8, fat – 3.1, -2.8 ash, fiber – 13.1. For buckwheat characterized by a high content of digested proteins, carbohydrates and minerals, especially salts of phosphorus, calcium and iron.
The protein buckwheat dominated soluble globulins and glutamine, so it is better absorbed and more useful than protein cereals. Complete protein amino acid composition. In buckwheat lysine significantly greater than that of wheat, and the number of arginine it exceeds rice cereal.
Buckwheat grains contains various organic acids (citric, malic, maleic, oxalic acid) which contribute to better digestion. The composition of grain includes such important vitamins as Bb B2, B6, P (rutin), which determine the value of medical and dietary buckwheat. An important feature of buckwheat, unlike wheat, is the ability to keep a long time, its nutritional and taste qualities. This is due to the fact that the fat contained in buckwheat, are not oxidized.
With buckwheat flour cooked pancakes, dumplings, dumplings, some varieties of cookies. For bread flour is not suitable because of its lack of gluten.
Buckwheat has a certain value and fodder. Used to feed small, puny grain and bran, which is obtained by processing of grain. Buckwheat straw for forage quality similar to barley and oat straw (100 kg of straw – 35 feed. Ed.). Nutritious fodder and sex (100 kg corresponds to 50 feed unit.) Highly regarded for feeding pigs. However, an excess of straw and floors in animal diets causes of their disease (hair loss in sheep, redness and others.).
Buckwheat – a valuable honey crop. Under favorable weather conditions 1 hectare sowing buckwheat provides a collection of high-quality medical 90-100 kg of honey. Buckwheat use in pharmacology. With its leaves and flowers get rutin, which is used to treat multiple sclerosis, hypertension and excretion of radioactive substances. Scales that remains after processing grain buckwheat groats and contains up to 40% potassium hydroxide is used as a valuable local potash fertilizer and as a raw material for the manufacture of potash (K2C03).
Agronomic value of buckwheat is that it, as a culture of late sowing, used to replant the dead of winter and early spring crops. In this regard, it is grown in maturity and posleukosnyh crop crops and green manure. Buckwheat – a good precursor in the rotation for other cultures, especially when it is cultivated in wide. Cultures are grown in rotation after buckwheat well provided phosphorus and potassium due to its trash.

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