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Evrolen – a modern thermal insulation material, manufactured by needle-punched technology from natural flax fibers. During the manufacturing process formed the canvas, which breaks with special needles with barbs and sealed their own fiber material is a more dense and uniform in thickness, which ensures a reliable seal mezhventsovogo connection. The resulting fabric is cut into strips of various widths.


Options web (density, thickness) are specially selected for sealing seams mezhventsovogo homes of quality lumber, logs, profiled timber;

possibility of cutting fabric into strips of any size allows you to choose the exact width of the insulation and provides an attractive appearance of the structure with a perfectly smooth mezhventsovogo seams.

In the production of our mezhventsovogo heaters are not used tow, pruning and other low-quality raw materials, and only a natural fiber flax high purity!

Linen felts made ​​only from natural flax fibers. Perfect mezhventsovogo insulation, combining the best qualities of flax.


width OT2 to 1800sm (any possible width);

length of the tape in a roll of 25 m;

density of 700 g / sq m;

thickness of 8-10 mm.




Buy Evrolen you can call: 095-47-44-176, 094-927-41-26, 044-362-71-26, or by writing to:  lnozavod.ua@gmail.com . We hope that the price and quality of  Evrolen you completely satisfied. We will be glad to see you among our customers.

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