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Konopatka jute

Konopatka jute

Konopatka jute


Konopatka jute – a product consisting of fibers of jute. This product is used as an insulator in the construction of baths and houses from profiled, planed timber or logs. It is made from jute grown in Africa, Asia, America and Australia.
Jute is akin to traditional insulation material, used for thermal insulation of buildings: hemp and flax, has similar characteristics. Due to reduced plantings in Ukraine flax, jute slowly began to take its place.
When data konopatki home insulation (konopatki jute) seam gets a beautiful golden hue. A lignin content, which in high quantities contained in the fibers of jute protects the house from rotting. The disadvantages of jute is the fact that it is a rough material.

Warming and konopatka home – are an integral part to preserve it from destruction dampness and moisture. Also excluding konopatku we significantly degraded insulation of the house and increase heat loss. Since tree eventually crack and reduced in size. In mezhventsovogo proemahnachinayut formed cracks and voids through which the house gets cold air also increases the humidity in the room that promotes rotting wood.

Take care of your home and it will be more than a year to keep you in the cold season.




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