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Konopatka (vytryaska)

Konopatka (vytryaska)Konopatka (vytryaska)
From time immemorial, for insulation of wooden houses are widely used natural organic materials such as wool felt, linen, hemp and hemp hemp. These materials and today is still used for insulation. Natural materials are environmentally friendly, easy to condense and provide good ventilation in the house.

Konopatka (vytryaska) – a short, confused fiber is the result of primary processing of fiber crops flax (myanie and scutching).

Has a slight effect aseptic, good insulation properties. In the building is used as cushioning, stuffing material for laying wreaths, stuffings, caulking cracks, mainly as a sealing material for installation between the slits logs. In the old oakum caulked cracks in the wooden structures (walls of houses, collars boats and ships), thus ensuring their water resistance and thermal insulation properties.

Basis tow short natural fiber scutched flax. Tow pressed into bales weighing 60 kg. Oakum is easy to operate, easy to install even layer, we can calculate the necessary amount of the purchase. Oakum is used as mezhventsovogo insulation in construction.

The advantage of hemp linen to hemp jute is:

flax tow “breathes”, because of the softness and looseness of fibers;
it is hygroscopic absorbs moisture quickly and it gives easily dries, even mezhventsovogo space, jute hemp does not have this property, it absorbs moisture, but dries quickly not, which sometimes leads to decay and skewed log cabin in the winter.

The use of flax is justified because of its bactericidal properties and protects against decay.

At present, our company is a direct manufacturer of 100% natural products from flax, offers material for insulation of wooden houses not subject to decay and defeat moth, easy to use and is also environmentally friendly.

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