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As a result, primary processing of flax factory obtain three types of products: long flax fiber, short flax fiber and fire.

Linen is a wood fire part of stems (trusts) flax formed as waste products in the machining of raw materials on the machines. Kostra composed of cellulose (45-58%), lignin (21-29) and pentosans (23-26).



During the initial processing of fiber crops education fires is from trusts very large share – 60-65%. Kostra on the flax plant is used as a fuel for heating plants, as well as on the economic needs of the population. But such a high percentage involves formation fires its further efficient utilization, including heating boiler and apart. Therefore, the company, upon receipt of the annual average of 2,000 tons lnokostry, sells this product, as well as the implementation kostrobriketov.


Main directions of the use of fires:

1. Thermal insulation of floors and attics bulk campfire. The product is packed in polyethylene bags. Is a durable natural insulator and has a very low thermal conductivity.




2. Production of pressed plates from fires (kostroplity). In terms of strength and stiffness they approach similar products from softwood. Individual indicators of physical and mechanical properties – shrinkage and warping, they are far superior timber. Plates have high zvukopogloschaemost. They are easily handled – sawn, planed, milled, drilled. Kostroplity used for the furniture industry and construction.

3. Production of fuel briquettes from fires (kostrobrikety). Recently, their production is established only in individual enterprises of the industry. They are made of fires, fluff and dust. To form the briquettes used briquetting press type B-9320. (see. information)

4. Production of pellets from the fires. This granular biomass – is used as a source of fuel and takes a strong position among the segments of the fuel market. Pellets are used for heating homes, farms, greenhouses, large and small enterprises, as well as factory boilers and CHP. Also used as fuel for w / e transport and in other places where there are facilities for solid fuels. As seen, the range of applications is extensive kostropellet that gives hope for the consolidation of this type of fuel source in the Ukrainian market. Next, we want to give the comparative characteristics of the calorific value of briquettes and pellets:

Wood (solid mass, wet) 10 MJ / KG

Wood (solid mass, dry) 12 MJ / KG

Brown coal is 16 MJ / KG

Briquettes and pellets from flax shives 18 MJ / KG

Black coal is 20 MJ / KG

Cox 25 MJ / KG

Earthly gas 32 ​​MJ / KG

5. Production of blocks (bricks) for building. Binding element in the production of a peat. On the strength of this unit is unmatched, a load of 8.12 kg per square centimeter. Durability can be compared with stone or concrete structures.

6. Production of wood-plastic composites (WPC). WPC can be used as automotive parts, building and construction elements. Here is the classic scheme of manufacturing WPC:

– Drying fires;

– Dosing of the components;

– Mixing the components;

– Extrusion products;

– Cutting to length and, if necessary, cutting width.

In general, this scheme coincides with the production of chipboard, but it is implemented on hardware rather chemical type, i.e. the plastics industry.

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