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Linen circles for warming trees

Linen circles for warming trees


Linen circles for warming trees (Organic insulation plants).

Linen felt (circles of natural fibers of different diameters) and fire insulation for the organic plants. In the winter, thanks to the excellent insulating properties of flax in the period of cold weather the plant roots and trunks of trees protected from freezing. In the summer the soil, covered with this material, is ventilated. Linen circles stabilize the soil, preventing it from drying and inhibit the growth of weeds. Flax is a natural antiseptic, so it prevents the emergence of fungal diseases and infecting the fruit.

The substrate flax fiber, gradually decaying, serves as an additional fertilizer without residues (3-5 years).

Linen circles for warming trees fire can be used separately or in combination. Absolutely harmless to humans, Pets and the environment.

Linen circles for warming the trees are intended for protection of fruit, ornamental and coniferous trees, grapes, and strawberries and strawberries.



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