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Linseed oil for wood

Linseed oil for wood

Linseed oil for wood – 100% natural, environmentally friendly product made from flax seeds. People use the wood from ancient times – it was used for building houses, and for the production of furniture, and for the manufacture of pottery. But, unfortunately, the wood is exposed to the factor of destruction. And before the person became a problem how to keep it and prolong the life of objects made of wood. And as commonly used at this time products made from natural, environmentally friendly products – the protection of these products are still relevant.

How do you protect wood products. You can of course use a stain or varnish – but then the beauty of natural wood is lost, since these products are not natural – and produced with the help of chemistry. Unlike Flaxseed oil for wood – which is one hundred per cent consists of natural, environmentally friendly components, which are grown on the territory of Ukraine without the use of chemicals. In addition to protecting from degradation processes it emphasizes the product structure tree, improves its appearance and also has an antiseptic effect, has no chemical smell. And as the price of Flaxseed oil for wood – lower than all other competitive products.

Used oil: interior decoration wooden houses, decking boards, in baths, saunas, for the treatment of furniture for the house to cover the decking board, as well as for the treatment of garden furniture, wooden toys and decorative items.

After impregnation of wood with linseed oil restores the appearance of products of wood, increases the durability of the treated structures, makes it dirt-repellent and water-repellent properties.

Processing linseed oil gives the wood a natural shade, highlights the relief and texture of wood, protects wood from mold, fungi, rot and blue stain. The product after processing oil continues to breathe, despite the acquired moisture repellent properties. The oil gives the product resistance to cracking, drying, peeling and fading.

When linseed oil impregnation of wood material on the surface of the protective film is not typical for most paint topcoats. The oil was directly associated with the structure of the tree and its properties directly transmits wood. Coating totally safe in contact with human skin.
The benefits of flaxseed oil:

environmentally friendly product;

It is helping to close even the smallest pores of the wood;

It has a water-repellent effect;

It improves the appearance of the wood surface and emphasizes the tree



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