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linseed oil



Мlinseed oil

Масло льняное


linseed oilnatural product made from the seeds of oilseed flax, which has unique properties. Scope of the linseed oil is very high, it is made of quick-drying paints, varnishes as well as linoleum and oil paints.

Also it should be noted medicinal value of the oil used for application to the inside, and for the manufacture of ointments and rubbing.

The oil containing vitamin F, vitamin A, and vitamin E, thanks to which the oil is used in cosmetic purposes and protects the skin from aging.

As this oil is a leader on the content of unsaturated fatty acids – which are very useful for the skin.

When using flaxseed oil – facial skin becomes soft and the plate, as the skin is moisturizing and replenishment. Due to which the skin is rejuvenated, eliminates dry skin increases elasticity and firmness, smooths shallow wrinkles.

Oil also has in its composition of omega-3, 6, and 9, and a host of other unsaturated fatty acids. Their content is higher than in fish oil than in the fish oil, which is very useful for the organism. Linseed oil reduced the cholesterol level in the body and makes it more robust blood vessels. Another useful effect it oil – it promotes weight loss. Once in the body it breaks down fat to water and glycerol are successfully removed from the body.

Keep flaxseed oil is better in the refrigerator.

Linseed oil is the most common found in the processing of wood. Linseed oil gives the wood a fresh new look and protects it from drying and cracking, and makes the surface water repellent. Linseed oil for wood is very widely used in the domestic environment.

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