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Rope (the rope, linen, jute rope)

Rope – made from twisted or twisted in several rows of long strands of hemp or jute.


linen rope веревка

Rope is an environmentally friendly material and has different applications:

Rope serves as decoration and eliminate gaps in a wooden house ;

Rope is used for household needs and helper ;

– Tying crops ( grapes ) used a rope ;

Rope for point claws of animals ;

– lashing and lifting ;

Rope for interior decoration ;

Rope in industry and construction .

Rope is of paramount importance in fields as diverse as construction, seafaring , exploration , sports , draperies , theater, and communications , and has been used since prehistoric times .

In order to secure the rope , coined a large number of nodes for countless applications. Pulleys used to redirect the driving force to the other directions , and may be used to create a mechanical advantage , allowing multiple strands divide and multiply the load force applied to the end.

Using the ropes for hunting, fixing , carrying, lifting , and climbing dates back to prehistoric times . It is likely that the earliest ” Vereecken ” were long natural plant fiber , such as the vine , which twisted and spun to form the first reliable rope in the modern sense of the word. Description of the rope can be found on baked clay. Another 28,000 years ago, people have already used Vereecken .


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