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Round mezhventsovogo insulation

Round mezhventsovogo insulation

Round mezhventsovogo insulation for log construction is made of 100% flax needle technology ..

Round mezhventsovogo insulation – it is a finished product, designed for direct installation in the frame, as supplied in rolls and cut in the form of tape thickness and width needed for the construction of the house of a certain type of timber or logs.

Its use significantly accelerates the assembly of a log house, ensures the seal mezhventsovogo seams. Band heaters allow you to collect a variety of wooden structures, for example: the house made of logs or profiled bar with traditional longitudinal slot of any width;

Housing construction of a conventional timber, such as – 75, 100, 120, 150, 200 mm;

log houses with any quality coupling elements;

Houses made of beams and logs from the internal (concealed), a longitudinal slot or several slots of various shapes and sizes;

Houses made of beams and logs with a complex configuration of the groove (undulating, with spikes), etc., with minimal operating clearance (1 – 1.5 mm or more).


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