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We present to Your attention a new product – bestseller 2014.

This year we started the production of Ecologically pure product obtained by processing grown in our fields with minimal use of chemicals – sunflower.

The meal is offered to Your attention has a high content of sunflower oil!

Buying our products you will be not only satisfied, but also pleasantly surprised from the sensations of warmth and comfort in the preparation of animal feed.

Meal – translated from the German small pieces or cuttings, is a by-product in the production of sunflower oil.

The meal is used as an additive for the production of feed for cattle, pigs,birds because it contains natural protein, fiber, vitamins E and b, potassium, phosphorus and many other minerals.

Meal from seeds of sunflower it is rich in protein – it contains 30 to 43 percent crude protein, such as amino acids (e.g. high content of methionine) – which in turn promotes the growth and development of animals. The meal contains more protein but less fat and contains almost no anti-nutritional substances.

The meal is used as feed for animals, fish and birds. Used as food in its pure form and as an additive for the production of feed.It contains up to 43 % percent of digestible protein. It improves the quality of animal products, and also contributes to the increase of livestock animals. It also significantly improves the quality of milk, fat, and quantity. Also it is used for feeding caplet ranging from 7-14 days of age. It is resistant to shock the mycotoxins, and therefore reduces the risks of damage compared to other types of feed. For applied poultry meal with fewer husks. When feeding a meal with a high level of fiber, greatly reduced its consumption and increases the weight of the bird.

Come join us to buy, just before the New year Promotion and discount!

Meal – Hit season 2014.

We are the manufacturer!




Buy Schroth you can call: 095-47-44-176, 094-927-41-26, 044-362-71-26, or by writing to:  lnozavod.ua@gmail.com . We hope that the price and quality of Schroth you completely satisfied. We will be glad to see you among our customers.



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