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Sunflower oil

 Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil

We present to Your attention a new product – bestseller 2014.

This year we started the production of Eco-friendly product obtained by processing grown in our fields with minimal use of chemicals – sunflower.

Sunflower oil, offer you has a distinct fragrant smell, rich taste and a beautiful transparent color!

Buying from us our products you will be not only satisfied, but pleasantly surprised from sensations of warmth and comfort when cooking homemade food.

Sunflower oil is a product made from oil seeds of sunflower.

There are two ways of processing sunflower seeds for oil:

Pressing – oil is extracted from crushed seeds by mechanical means. The pressing is hot (seeds pre-heated) and cold. The oil pressed by cold method of extraction more pronounced taste and smell and it is more useful in its properties is because it retains more nutrients.
Extraction is a method of producing oil by the addition of organic solvents. This method is more economical – since it is observed a maximum yield of oil.

Unfiltered oil is useful – as it contains a lot of vitamins A and E and other nutrients.

How to choose sunflower Oil:

We need to make sure that no residue in the tank — its presence indicates oxidation. This oil will give a bitter taste and when heated foams.
The shelf life of unrefined oil — two months, refined — four months; also need to turn our attention to the inscription on the label “no cholesterol” vegetable oil it will never be.
The oil should be stored in the cool place and avoid direct sunlight, otherwise it quickly deteriorates. The best way to store sunflower oil is keeping it in the fridge.

Come join us, buy, just before the New year is a special offer and discount!

Sunflower oil is the best seller of the 2014 season.

We are the manufacturer!


Buy Sunflower oil you can call: 095-47-44-176, 094-927-41-26, 044-362-71-26, or by writing to:  lnozavod.ua@gmail.com . We hope that the price and quality of  Sunflower oil you completely satisfied. We will be glad to see you among our customers.

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