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Tape seal mezhventsovogo

Tape seal mezhventsovogo

Tape seal mezhventsovogo

Natural insulation material for construction lumber and log houses. Tow exceeds in quality. During the construction of a wooden house or baths mezhventsovogo seal allows no extra interior and exterior get beautiful, warm walls with perfectly smooth seams.

Just in the operation of the house and logs shrink – this increases mezhventsovogo gap (the gap between the crowns of logs). The process of embedding these gaps or simple konopatka as well executed using a belt mezhventsovogo seal. This insulation material one hundred percent is natural, contains no chemicals and other harmful substances. Retains heat, “breathes”, prevents rotting logs – that allows you to keep a comfortable microclimate in the house – as well as to protect the home from external destructive factors.

eliminated in the manufacturing process up to 30% shives and trash
excellent uniformity eliminates double konopatku;
precise yardage in the package (25 m / n) enables the calculation of the required amount of insulation.


– Density tape 700g / m2 with a thickness of 8-10 mm tape.

– Mode of any width to order.

– When ordering more than 10,000 meters discounts from 5%



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