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Tear pack

пакля ленточная

пакля ленточная

The promotional price for the Pakluk belt is from UAH 1.4 per meter. Call us! T. 095 – 47 – 44 – 176
Paklya tape is a product that is an improved version of the construction pakli.

It is produced only from ecologically pure materials of vegetable origin from flax and jute. There are three types: Pakly ribbon linen, Paklya ribbon jute and Pakla ribbon (linen + jute). Ideal for sealing seams between crowns, between logs – in a wooden house, a house made of lumber, a sauna or a sauna. It is also used for the caulking of houses made of wood, which must be carried out to seal cracks and protect against moisture ingress between logs and wreaths. The operations for laying it between logs and also the caulking of the crowns do not require particularly specific skills and tools and can be produced even by professionals.

Has a pleasant color and smell. It is not treated with chemical preparations. Completely natural product. Produced in the Chernigov region at the Ivanovo Flax Factory.

Since we are manufacturers – we always have all the sizes used for laying between logs, as well as filling in the crevices in the wooden house, sauna and sauna. And as well as the producer of the price we have lower than the second-hand dealers – and the quality is higher.

Buy Tear pack you can call: 095-47-44-176, 094-927-41-26, 044-362-71-26, or by writing to:  lnozavod.ua@gmail.com . We hope that the price and quality of  Tear pack you completely satisfied. We will be glad to see you among our customers.

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