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Tow plumbing

Tow plumbing

Tow plumbing

Tow plumbing or sanitary linen – a fiber that is used to seal threaded connections. Tow plumbing – a pure natural product made from a thin, uniform, long-staple, combed flax, derived from flax stalks. Combed flax – long parallelized fiber.

It is a pure natural product made
of a thin, uniform, long-staple purified flax. Due to its
strong characteristics of sanitary paklyai withstand high temperature conditions up to 160% C, so it can be used well in heating.

In the building is used as cushioning, stuffing,
cleaning material for laying wreaths, packing, caulking cracks. And also
for technical applications (mainly as sealing material during installation

Tow santeznicheskuyu mainly use in heat and water.
Tow plumbing used at temperatures up to 160 ° C in the heat and water. In the same temperature range, an excellent seal steam systems.



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