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Wheat (Latin Triticum) is an annual plant, a genus of herbaceous, a family of cereals (bluegrass). Wheat is the main grain crop in many countries of the world, including in Ukraine.

Wheat is used, first of all, for making flour, from which bread is then baked and pasta and confectionery products are made. In addition, wheat is also

The root system of this plant is friable. Wheat grains are located with a spike, in each groove of the ear spike there is one grain. Spikelets are most often 2хх -5ти-цветковые; flowers are located close to each other, only 1-3 lower flowers bring fruit, the upper ones are either male or undeveloped. External scales spikelet (film) – broad, blunt, paired, at the top of the scales have 1in or more denticles or 1u or several spines. The lower part of the flower scales on the back is convex, it may be roodike, has a lot of veins, it has 1a or several teeth or awn at the end. The grain of wheat has a deep groove, on top it is fluffy, free.

Not a single cereal in the world has such a variety of species and varieties as wheat. In every country, except for the widely spread wheat varieties around the world, there are also local ones. The agricultural and botanical classifications do not quite converge in the classification of species and varieties of wheat. Different types of wheat are determined by the forms of its main vegetative organs-the stem and ear, and also the difference in the appearance of its grains and the chemical composition of the grains. To the final agreement on the classification of wheat has not yet come.

Real or actual wheat has an elastic and flexible straw, which, when threshed, is not broken up into parts, the ear spins firmly on the straw. The seeds of such wheat are naked and easily separated from the chaff.

The second group of wheat – polby, differ in inverse features. The straw of such varieties is fragile, easily broken when threshing, the ear is easily detached from the straw, and the grain with tightly fitting films, on the contrary, is separated from them with difficulty.

In addition, there is also a division of wheat soft and hard. To the hard varieties of wheat, English wheat (T. turgidum), and to soft wheat (T. polonicum) are considered.

Soft wheat has a thin-walled and hollow straw. The ear of soft wheat is shorter and wider than that of solid wheat. In addition, solid wheat varieties tend to have longer awns.



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